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Joshua Michael's music first came to my attention when I saw the music videos for The Hunger and Vampyre, two songs off of his first album Guardian of Secret Dreams. He's diversified his sound quite a bit this time around, and tries his hand at everything from piano ballads to early synth pop. The latter stands out in particular, with Josh's love for the eighties coming through loud and clear. There's a genuineness here that can be hard to find - it's clear how invested in his music Mr. Michael is, and this comes through both in the instruments and synths, as well as in the lyrics, which can tend towards the quirky and unusual; I found this refreshing, but even for those who might be put off by it, I think the passion and conviction evident in Josh's voice make it work. I was also pleasantly surprised by how well he worked with his two collaborators, Alexx Absolute and Ashley Lee. Joshua's deep voice complement Alexx's raps and Ashley's vocals quite well, even when he's performing spoken word segments, something I'm not usually a fan of. I would recommend this album for anyone looking for someone willing to indulge in unashamed a-ha evoking synths, anyone looking for something truly and refreshingly unique, and anyone looking for music that's clearly from the heart.
 - Jack T. Dempsey

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Joshua Michael's earliest influences were Tori Amos and Jim Steinman, but his voice and instrumentals have grown to embrace a diversity of experimental Avant-Garde sounds and flavors.

Guardian 2: Eyes of Fire is everything I wanted it to be - and then a whole lot more. I fell in love with Josh's previous album, Guardian of Secret Dreams, upon its release in 2007. I have spent countless hours listening to it, singing it in the shower or the car, obsessing over it. Guardian 2 is the rare album that exceeds the promise of its predecessor. I don't hesitate to make the comparison to The Godfather/The Godfather Part II, or Toy Story/Toy Story 2. This is a sequel that is every bit as good as the first...
 - David Ham

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Keeping with the Guardian theme, the Viking Shield-maiden on the album cover represents the human heart guarded by the shield. She wears blue and red feathers; blue for the air color of the Valkyrie, the heavens, and red for the fire passion of the heart. Together, like fire and air, the music within catches fire and soars between the heights of love and dreams and the depths of longing and forsaken promises... "Guardian 2: Eyes of Fire" is a symphony of light and shadow featuring a collection of catchy pop songs, dance and ambient sounds, and some soul-felt ballads you're sure to connect with.

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